What Is The Adobe Soul?

Adobe is a universal building material used across time periods and cultures, from ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, Egypt, Spain, and Morocco to the Pueblo, Zuni, and Hopi tribes of the American Southwest and ancient Andean cities like Chan Chan in Peru. It can be seen in the Sudano-Sahelian architecture of West Africa, the Art Deco homes of southern California, and in modern storybook domes made of SuperAdobe. It can be sculpted into many creative shapes and forms and painted any color. It represents strength, resilience, and adaptability during resource shortages and is available to anyone with access to dirt and water.

Soul is a presence, energy, or general vibe, which emanates into the environment and can be sensed by others. We might refer to someone as an old soul, a lost soul, a poor unfortunate soul. We can sell our soul, bare our soul, do a little soul searching, enjoy soul music or soul food, and love someone heart and soul. We know that eyes are the window to the soul and that brevity is the soul of wit. Soul is that which is active, essential, total.

The Adobe Soul is not only "travel clothes and capsule wardrobe ideas," but also the view that the world is a buffet to savored! Maybe you're traveling the world between numerous time zones and languages, or traveling down the street to finally check out that museum you've passed many times, going on a day trip to a local geological formation, booking a weekend stay at that historic hotel the next town over, trying a obscure sport for the first time, or reading library books full of unusual ideas you've never considered before.

Either way, we strive to offer comfortable, practical, accessible, worry-free, yet flattering clothes and accessories that mix and match and won't get in the way of adventure. Fussy clothes with flouncy material, revealing cutouts, awkward zippers, sharp angles, loud patterns, etc can be fun for a short time, and ratty sweats may be soft and loose but we don't feel our best wearing them, so we hide from the world and limit our experiences. At The Adobe Soul, we want to offer comfort and style--the best of both worlds!

For many, it's been tough to reconnect after covid, tough to find the motivation to get out of those sweatpants, leave the house, and converse with others. We hope The Adobe Soul inspires you to find that again--to enjoy the art of dressing well, going out, mingling, engaging, connecting, learning, growing, and exploring.